The Wrong Stuff

Hiring the wrong person can be a big problem for any business--especially one with just a few workers. Regardless of size, 80% of companies polled this spring say they've found ways to make bad hires work out.

Here are some responses to a survey of 187 companies nationwide done by Caliper Inc.

When is the soonest you've had to let someone go?

One day: 6%

One week: 11%

One month: 21

Three months: 30%

Six months: 11%

One year: 10%

How long does it usually take to realize you've hired the wrong person?

One day: 3%

One week: 17%

One month: 40%

Three months: 27%

Six months: 13%

How have you saved employees who seemed doomed to failure?

Specific performance suggestions: 20%

Changing employee's responsibilities: 19%

Stern warnings or probation: 18%

Mentoring: 15%

Patience: 12%

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