Making Faxing Less Taxing

WITH FAX USE STILL SOARING, FAX service companies keep adding features that promise to lower costs and improve productivity. All the companies offer a range of services, but they do have specialties. Since most small businesses will only use one or two features, choose accordingly. FaxSav's strength is cheap international transmission, while Xpedite's forte is broadcast, or mass mail, faxing. Two-year-old upstart FaxNet leads in "never busy" service, which ensures your faxes get through. For businesses with 20 to 50 employees, LAN fax servers from companies such as RightFax are also catching on because desktop sending is so easy. But if saving money is your goal, consider this: Upgrading from 9.6 kbps to 14.4 kbps can save 15% to 50% on toll charges, says Business Consumer Guide.

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