A New Palette For The Digitaliste

ARTISTS WHO LIKE TO PUT their whole arm into their creations will welcome a concept called Digital Artist's System, from Stuart Karten Design in Marina del Rey, Calif. Instead of sitting in front of a computer and moving a mouse, the artist stands in front of a familiar-looking but novel easel, chooses an electronic pencil, pen, or brush, and "paints" on a touch-sensitive screen laid over a large plasma or liquid-crystal display. Colors are mixed on an electronic palette--a separate handheld LCD that communicates with the easel over a wireless link.

Don't look for this easel in stores anytime soon. Just to create a 35-inch display and touch-screen for the canvas would cost upwards of $10,000. On the other hand, says designer Dennis Schroeder, prices for flat screens are coming down quickly, and the rest of the electronics "really aren't such a big stretch." Stuart Karten Design is looking for a manufacturing partner to help build a prototype.

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