Central Europe's Best Companies

Few of their names are familiar, but these enterprises are tomorrow's likely rivals to the multinationals

Tucked deep in the sleepy southeast corner of Poland, the Stomil Sanok factory looks like a communist relic. But its shabby gray walls belie the bustling operation within. As workers at high-tech molding machines churn out rubber parts for Fiat and Daewoo Corp., Chief Executive Marek Lecki, 43, talks excitedly of Stomil Sanok's surging exports, its plans to supply General Motors Corp.'s new Polish plant, and its $4 million offering on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. Before Lecki was hired in 1990 to turn the bankrupt state company around, he helped run a state-owned bus factory and had no Western management experience. "It's amazing how well people can adapt to a new situation," he says.

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