Why Downsizing Doesn't Add Up

It's heartening that productivity increases are now coming from efficient uses of information technology, networking, and speedier communications rather than from job cutting ("How long can this last?" Cover Story, May 19).

Downsizing to me is epitomized in the centuries-old Greek tale of the peasant-farmer who wanted to save money and decided to economize on the fodder he gave his donkey. Every day, he cut down a bit more on the hardworking animal's rations. On the 10th day, a neighbor asked: "How is your donkey-fodder downsizing going?" Replied the donkey owner: "Everything was going fine, until suddenly, for no obvious reason, my donkey dropped dead yesterday." Surely, there's a moral there for CEOs to mull over?

Marjory-Helen Laing

Zug, Switzerland

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