Heidi Roizen: I Survived Small Biz And Corporate America

A veteran of two business lives talks about the demands and differences of both

At 39, Heidi Roizen has seen it all. In her 20s, she cofounded a software company, T/Maker, that grew to 100 employees before being sold in 1994 for an estimated $20 million. Last year she parachuted into a top position at Apple Computer Inc. Her charge: to shore up relations with a software-developer community that had grown wary of creating products for the troubled company. But overseeing 300 people and dealing with 12,000 developers at a difficult time in Apple's history proved too much for this mother of two. She now works from her Atherton (Calif.) home as a consultant. Roizen recently shared her thoughts about the work/family conundrum with Assistant Managing Editor Sarah Bartlett.

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