Windows Open At Last For Mac Users

MAC LOVERS WHO ARE TIRED of feeling shortchanged by all the software available for Windows-based PCs may get just the answer they are looking for from Umax Data Systems Inc. By yearend, Umax plans to have an add-in card that computer makers could use to make machines capable of running either Apple Computer Inc.'s Macintosh operating software or Microsoft Corp.'s Windows NT. The card is being designed to house either a Pentium chip from Intel Corp., one of the PowerPC chips at the heart of today's Macs, or both.

The market for such an add-in card: graphic artists who rely on Apple technology but also want to use common Windows titles. Taiwan's Umax, which makes PCs as well as Mac clones through its Umax Computer Corp. subsidiary in Fremont, Calif., has yet to decide whether it will sell the product under its own label. It may opt to sell just the board, dubbed PowerPen, to other computer makers. Analysts say the device will be priced at approximately $120.

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