Who's Really Behind The `New Order' In Africa

To expand on comments made by Ramon Ayala ("The `new order' brings no power to the people," Readers Report, Feb. 10), there is a far broader issue that permeates the debate between the First World and the Third World.

Africa has suffered the effects of colonial greed for nearly 350 years. The patchwork quilt that is Africa today bears little relationship to the continent's tribal divisions. These artificial borders were imposed, based upon Europe's imperialistic frenzy and resource hunger. Having abandoned Africa to inevitable political strife on one hand, the West has contributed, on the other hand, to the debasement of African currencies and, therefore, to the value of its abundant resources. The multinationals have continued the tragedy of imperial rape of the weak and defenseless, while Western media have sought to impose the worst of the First World's hedonistic covetousness as a way of life. No thought has been given to what was and is right for Africa.

Islam often refers to America and its allies as the "Great Satan." Judging by their largely amoral and antitheistic policies, this may not be an unfair label. While physical slavery has disappeared, a more subtle, but no less destructive, kind of economic slavery and cultural terrorism has taken its place.

John Coombes

Sandton, Gauteng

South Africa

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