O.K., Print Up New Business Cards

Frank Salizzoni's resume needs updating. A year ago, the former president of USAir Inc. was just a board member at H&R Block. Then the top spot at Block opened up, and Salizzoni took over as president and CEO. Now, he's got the same titles at CompuServe, the No.2 online service that's 80% owned by Block.

The CompuServe job opened up when 51-year-old Robert Massey abruptly resigned after less than two years in the spot. Officially, Massey stepped down "to pursue other interests." But he and Salizzoni clashed over Compu-

Serve's turnaround plan, sources close to the company say. Massey wanted to spend big to stop losing ground to No.1 America Online. Salizzoni preferred returning CompuServe to profitability by pursuing more modest growth.

Salizzoni says Block still plans to sell its CompuServe stake once the service's fortunes improve. That could be tough considering the slide in the shares from a high of 38 last year to 10 1/2 on Feb. 19. It would also help to find a permanent CEO so he can shed his latest title.

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