`You And Your Health' Series On Aol

Starting Wednesday, Jan. 8, 8 p.m. EST, six leading authorities on Alzheimer's disease, cancer, and other medical areas will be on America Online to discuss their work and what it means to you. AOL subscribers can join in the discussions by visiting BUSINESS WEEK's area (keyword: BW) or by going to the Coliseum (keyword: @Coliseum). Here is the schedule:

Jan. 8. Obesity. With Dr. Richard L. Atkinson of the University of Wisconsin, an expert on obesity treatment.

Jan. 15. Emerging Diseases. With Stephen Morse of the Defense Dept.,

an authority on such exotic and

deadly organisms as the ebola virus.

Jan. 22. Alzheimer's Disease. With Dr. Allen D. Roses of Duke University, the discoverer of the first genetic link to Alzheimer's disease.

Jan. 29. Insomnia. With Dr. Rafael Pelayo of Stanford University, who studies the causes of sleeplessness.

Feb. 5. Heart Disease. With Jan Breslow, president of the American Heart Assn., and Dr. Hayes Dansky, a Rockefeller University cardiologist.

Feb. 12. Cancer. With Yale University's Vincent T. DeVita Jr., the former head of the National Cancer Institute.

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