Don't Get Trapped In The World Wide Cobweb

Too often, opening a site leads only to vast disappointment-not vast sales

Deborah Levin, an agent for syndicated cartoonists, scrawls her disappointment with the World Wide Web on the back of an unsold postcard drawn by her biggest client, John Callahan. "How do you make $1 million on the Internet?" Levin quipped. "Invest $10 million." The card, along with the cartoonist's mugs, T-shirts, and books, was supposed to be snapped up by fans cruising to the lively interactive Web site the duo spent $10,000 developing. Advertisers would pay thousands for exposure. Editors would discover Callahan. "The designers of the site told me I had a gold mine," Levin says. "I didn't know what they meant, but I liked that word."

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