What Did John Huang Know And Did He Share It?

At the Commerce Dept., he had access to secret trade data

When John Huang went to the Commerce Dept. in July, 1994, no one was happier than his former boss, Mochtar Riady. The Indonesian magnate bragged to business associates about placing one of his own executives in a top U.S. government position. Riady is the chairman of the $12 billion Indonesia-based Lippo Group, a financial and real estate conglomerate whose owners and family members donated nearly $1 million to President Clinton's reelection. While Huang was a highly valued employee of Lippo--for 10 years he had run its U.S. operations--Riady was only too happy to sweeten his move to a $116,000 government post with $879,000 in bonus and severance pay.

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