How About The Turnpike Turncoats?

As if the Braves weren't headache enough: In court, the Yankees are fighting fellow New Yorkers.

Principal owner George Steinbrenner III has been threatening for some time to move his team out of the Bronx, casting an eye toward New Jersey and Manhattan. But on Oct. 17, a citizen's group sued to bar him from taking the name, arguing that it belongs in part to the city, which has spent more than $100 million fixing up Yankee Stadium. "They have built their assets on the goodwill of New York," says John Nicholas Iannuzzi, lawyer for the Eternal Vigilance Society.

The Yankees won't comment, but since they own the name and logo, legal experts say they are on safe ground. Teams usually take their names with them when they move. Still, angry Cleveland football fans persuaded the Browns to leave the moniker behind when the team moved to Baltimore. And a state judge has ordered Yankee lawyers into court on Oct. 25 to show why the team should be allowed to consider using the name outside the Bronx. Batter up.

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