Techno Tools

-- Concorde to cyberspace? InterJet promises to get you and up to 100 employees there in half an hour--with a Web page and internal E-mail to boot. The product, created by Whistle Communications in Foster City, Calif., goes on sale this month for $1,995 at Internet service providers. The target: six million businesses with fewer than 100 employees. Whistle figures a quarter already have a LAN, but only 1% have Internet access.

-- Even the tiniest marketers can target customers. TRW Inc. and Serious Business Software Inc. are pitching two new CD-ROMs: Neighborhood ConnX dissects 90 million households by 12 criteria; Business ConnX lists 11 million businesses. Users pay $200 for the CD-ROM and 10 cents a name. Rival Dun & Bradstreet Corp.'s database of 10 million companies costs $599. Names also average a dime.

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