Coke Pours Into Asia

It's promising huge growth in Indonesia, China, and India. But can it deliver?

Among the stacks of cookies, chips, and cigarettes crammed into the dingy kiosk at the northern Chinese beach resort of Beidaihe, a shiny new Coca-Cola refrigerator occupies a place of pride. Inside the cooler, Coke cans are stacked next to Tsingtao beer, Kesai mineral water, and Jianlibao soda. The store owner, a cheerful woman in her 30s, admits that by including the other drinks, she's breaking a promise she made to Coke. The Atlanta giant gave her the refrigerator in exchange for a pledge that she use it only for Coke products. No matter. Lots of other store owners do the same thing to Coke. "They'll never have a chance to find out," she says with a laugh.

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