Nfl Trading Cards Enter A New League

PERSONAL COMPUTERS, AUDIO CD players, video-game consoles, the Internet--these are the playthings of today's technology-hip kids. It's a trend that companies marketing to kids can't afford to buck. At least that's what Topps Co. figures. The New York outfit recently introduced the Topps NFL CybrCard, a CD-ROM version of its popular sports trading cards.

Each CybrCard is a CD-ROM that features the statistics and performance history of a single National Football League player. The disks also contain approximately 90 digital video clips of memorable plays from the 1995 football season, which can be viewed on any IBM-compatible PC or Apple Macintosh machine. CybrCard owners can create their own trading cards on their PC's printer, choosing statistics and images that best highlight that particular football idol. Although each CD-ROM will retail for $20 for a single player, Topps will also offer $50 "three-packs" that bundle popular athletes such as Emmitt Smith, John Elway, and Steve Young together. Topps plans to add basketball after the coming season but has no plans as yet for baseball. By the way, bubble gum is not included.

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