Cruising In 3 D

Looking for greater depth on the Web? Check out Cyber City 96, an interactive 3-D forum that went online from Fujitsu on July 26. Cyber-cruisers can prowl through model homes from Sekisui House or stroll through a mall to buy audio CDs or flowers. They can meet face-to-face in chat rooms and stroll out to the balcony. Like the electronic community WorldsAway on CompuServe, users interact as online personas, or avatars. These can range from self-designed composites of heads, torsos, and other human parts to such inanimate objects as TVs with legs. A 2-D sample of the service can be seen at http://ccity.iwe96.infoweb. For 3-D viewing, you need special software that is being distributed free through Japanese PC magazines and, later, over the Internet.

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