Faxes At Your Fingertips

FOR MANY PROFESSIONALS on the go, sending and receiving faxes can be a hassle. Laptops with fax modems and appropriate software can do the job. But why lug around a PC and deal with quirky communications software just to look at a fax? Reflection Technology Inc. in Waltham, Mass., has a simple, elegant solution for those who want the fax and nothing but the fax.

Its FaxView Personal Fax Reader connects to any landline or cellular phone. Like its desktop cousins, the eight-ounce machine can automatically answer the phone it's connected to in order to receive faxes. But instead of printing them, it stores up to 25 pages in its memory. To view them, owners look through a two-inch-wide window, and FaxView's technology creates an image of the page that seems to float in front of the user's eye. Owners can zoom in on the image, store, delete, and forward copies using two buttons on the device. Creating fax messages requires tapping out letters from a "virtual keyboard" that can be called up on the display. The $499 unit, available through cell-phone dealers, also features a fax directory that can store up to 100 names and fax numbers.

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