Speeding The News Straight To Your E Mail Box

NEWSPAPERS AND MEDIA giants such as Time Inc. are all trying their hand at Web sites that deliver news tailored to a subscriber's interests. But instead of logging into a crowded Web site for your daily news fix, Denver-based Mercury Mail Inc. thinks the news should come to you automatically. Its personal news-clipping service sends news, sports, stock market quotes, weather reports, and even TV and entertainment highlights right to your E-mail box. Best of all, the price is right: The service is free to any subscriber with an Internet E-mail account.

To register, one must fill out a brief profile via E-mail or at Mercury Mail's Web site (http://www.merc.com), highlighting interests as well as when and how often to deliver the news. Mercury's 10 editors condense the news into one-paragraph briefs from sources such as Reuters Inc. and Tribune Media Services. By yearend, Mercury Mail's E-mail news offerings will include pictures--say, local weather reports with the latest satellite snapshots. Privately funded Mercury Mail plans to become profitable by selling ads that might be attached to the bottom of each E-mail news brief.

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