Catching Up With Carlos Salinas

The former President talks with BUSINESS WEEK's Geri Smith about his life in exile

No one recognizes the diminutive man as he strolls the historic streets of Dublin, a tweed cap protecting his balding pate. He strides into a hotel bar to greet a visitor, and not one head turns. That's the way Carlos Salinas de Gortari prefers it. For six years, he was one of the most powerful and popular Presidents Mexico ever had. Now, less than two years after leaving office, the 48-year-old Salinas is a pariah in his own land, blamed for everything from its crushing economic crisis to massive corruption scandals. He left Mexico in March, 1995, and has been globe-trotting ever since: six months in New York and Montreal, a few months in Cuba, and now, since spring, a stay in Ireland.

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