Happy Meals For A Mc Donald's Rival

Jollibee trounces the giant at home. Can it do it abroad, too?

It's a typical Sunday at the Jollibee fast-food restaurant in Manila's bustling Megamall: The tables are packed, kids are scurrying to and from the playland, and a giant orange-and-yellow bumblebee character is dancing for a birthday party of giggling toddlers. The children say they prefer the spicy-sweet flavors of the local chain's hamburgers and spaghetti over the more bland taste of the fare at McDonald's, whose nearby outlet is quiet. "The Filipino tongue is more accustomed to Jollibee," says 21-year-old student Dave Sevilla, who brought his 7-year-old nephew and 9-year-old cousin. "The burger is juicier."

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