First Kathie Lee, Now Goofy?

He isn't winning friends among retailers, but Charles Kernaghan is finding support elsewhere for his anti-sweatshop campaign. Having revealed in May that $19 Kathie Lee Gifford pants sold at Wal-Mart Stores were made in a Honduran sweatshop, the executive director of New York's National Labor Committee is now investigating Walt Disney, which licenses the manufacture of trademarked apparel in Haiti. "We're actually changing the culture. More people know about sweatshops than ever before," he exults. Disney says its factories are run responsibly.

Kernaghan got concerned about Central American living conditions at a peace march there in 1985 and has worked on the issue ever since. He joined the NLC in 1988 and became its chief in 1990. "He's had a huge effect. This is the biggest discussion we've had on sweatshops in a decade," says Representative George Miller (D-Calif.).

Kernaghan isn't sympathetic to those who complain about his tactics. "The companies aren't the victims here. The workers are," he says. Not for long, if Kernaghan has his way.

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