It's Not You

It's a scene repeated daily in small businesses everywhere. The entrepreneur pulls out the book of relevant regulations and starts to read. Palms sweat. Eyes glaze. Rereading doesn't help. "Is it me or is it them?" she wonders. Mostly, it's them. And in their better moments, even they can see it, as witness this recent rewrite of a Small Business Administration rule on companies ineligible for SBA assistance.

OLD: "Illegal Activities. Concerns that are engaged in illegal activity or are engaged in the production, servicing, or distribution by sale or otherwise of products or services used in connection with an illegal activity. This includes, but is not limited to, the production, servicing, distribution of products or services that are used or intended to be used primarily or exclusively in connection with the unlawful use of drugs or controlled substances."

NEW: "Business engaged in any illegal activity."

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