A Zone Of Her Own

Donna Moore has her own playground--and it's a mess. As new president and CEO of Discovery Zone, she'll have free rein to clean up the company, which filed for bankruptcy on Mar. 25. The chain remains 49% owned by Viacom, though Viacom's chief, Sumner Redstone, and deputy chairman, Phillippe Dauman, left the board the day Moore got her job, giving her added freedom.

It won't be fun and games. She plans to close at least 30 of DZ's 300 stores. She will also spiff up the Spartan parent waiting rooms--adding muffins and cappuccino machines--modernize the game rooms, and update DZ's marketing. "A successful reorganization will address the problems caused by the company's rapid expansion and put DZ on a stronger financial footing," she said in a statement.

Before joining DZ in late 1994, Moore, 56, built Disney Stores from two locations to 150, and Williams-Sonoma from 17 to 80. She also helped revamp Laura Ashley's North American operations. Time will tell if playgrounds are easier to sell than flowered dresses.

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