Don't Be Deceived By Salinas' Self Promotion

As a Mexican who lives in an economic crisis on a daily basis, I found Paul Craig Roberts' column "Mexico: Don't blame Salinas for Zedillo's mistakes" (Economic Viewpoint, Mar. 4) incredible and appalling. Here are some facts Roberts fails to mention:

-- Former President Carlos Salinas de Gortari failed to deliver a fundamental piece of the reforms: democracy. Without freedom to choose, to work, to change, economic reforms are senseless

-- Salinas is still a champion at deceit. Isolated and in virtual exile, he can still sell himself as a big reformer when he was really a part of the same old system. (His father is a PRI member and former Commerce Secretary.)

-- Salinas and his dream team of financial wizards lost control over the Tesobono debt bonds and knowingly avoided the responsibility to modify the peso's exchange rate in time. Along with Zedillo, he is responsible for Mexico's current financial crisis.

It is no joy to see that Salinas, with all his academic credentials, can still deceive a few naive American scholars.

Antonio Puertas

Mexico City

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