Launched In Cyberspace?

You can still join the vanguard of small businesses in cyberspace--but don't wait too long. Fewer than 20% of small and midsize businesses use the Internet, a survey by consultant George S. May International Co. found. But in a year or two, 40% of the 1,049 surveyed plan to. For now, "they just don't see the benefits," says May's Rosalind Angell. These free sites may help:

U.S. BUSINESS ADVISOR ( gov)--introduced by Vice-President Al Gore himself--is a simple, well-organized site that helps you navigate government databases, regulations, and information with keyword searches and browsable subject trees. Small-business focus groups helped refine the site's design.

MCI SMALL BUSINESS CENTER (http:// SmallBiz) is a comprehensive collection of links to small-business-related Web sites where a wealth of information on financing, services, prospective employees, and government agencies awaits.

NETMARQUEE ( is aimed at family-owned and small businesses. It offers topic-searchable/ browsable archives of helpful documents and articles and a calendar of small-business events and seminars.

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