Do You Have The Feeling That You've Been Here Before?

Call it deja vu. The mid-Nineties are looking a lot like the mid-Sixties. U.S. troops are headed for a relatively obscure, war-torn country, the Beatles and 007 are hot, and inflation hardly exists. Commies are making a comeback. Protein is edging out carbohydrates. New York is looking like Fun City once more. And no one is ashamed of being spotted in a bar. Even Nixon is back in the limelight. Keep the faith.



Deflation Inflation

Stock pickers Index funds

Change management Reengineering

Strikebreaking Worker empowerment

Stock deals Cash deals

Airline mergers Fare wars

Bank mergers Bank branches

Cable news 60 Minutes

Sears Kmart

Java Windows 95

BMW Z3 Mazda Miata


Beatles Michael Jackson

James Bond The CIA

Spike heels Running shoes

Bagels Croissants

Protein Carbohydrates

Sharon Stone Demi Moore

Jane Austen Joe Eszterhas

Cleveland Cleveland

Altoids tic tacs

Blue M&Ms Snapple

New York Seattle

Bars Starbucks

Books Videos

Faith Cynicism


Nixon Gingrich

Economic nationalism Free-trade agreements

Social Darwinism Social welfare

Steve Forbes Ross Perot

Flat tax Value-added tax

Gridlock Republican Revolution

Voluntary retirement Term limits

Peacekeeping Isolationism

Old Communists Lech Walesa

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