Is This The Very Model Of A Modern Asian B School?

"The charge of Asia's B-school brigades" (Special Report, Nov. 27) illustrates the last phase of imperialism and colonization. Why should Asians want an anachronistic, mechanical, business-school model based on American cultural values, when their own cultures should be the starting point for designing appropriate curricula?

While it is true that traditional Asian family businesses may have to adapt to new circumstances, in some ways these corporations already practice the people-centered, knowledge- and responsibility-based approaches that Western business gurus tell us we should be turning to. Asian societies should be working on their own models of business training, rather than slavishly adopting a culturally inappropriate model.

If you look at the decline of the American share of global trade since 1960 and juxtapose it with the rise in the number of business schools, the viability of the American model must be questioned.

John Menadue


Research Institute for Asia & the Pacific


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