Have Workers Really Got Theirs?

"Workers finally get theirs" (News: Analysis & Commentary, Nov. 27) was overly optimistic. The lone statistic relied on--that 70% of workers are in jobs where wages have increased in the last year--is meaningless when coupled with news that wages rose only 2.7% in the year ended Sept. 30. This increase is the lowest in 20 years. The only reason this pathetic increase outpaces the cost of living is ultralow rates of inflation.

At the same time, corporate profits rose 48% in the first quarter of 1995 alone. The productivity gains of the 1990s are felt in corporate coffers and on Wall Street, but they have yet to benefit those ultimately responsible for the recovery--American workers.

Will workers ever get theirs? Let's hope so. But let's not exult prematurely: It hasn't happened yet.

Don D. Sessions

Mission Viejo, Calif.

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