Who Says Appalachia's Ski Resorts Are Just Pork?

In "Stand and deliver, Congress" (Editorials, Sept. 18), your statement that "the Appalachian Regional Commission still gets to build facilities at ski resorts..." is grossly misleading.

ARC has, in fact, provided assistance to economic development projects that may involve ski resorts. In these instances, they were part of a broader local economic-development plan that involved the investment of significant private-sector funds and the creation of a significant number of jobs in the private sector.

The impact of these programs can be seen in statistics related to unemployment, rate of poverty, per-capita income, high-school dropout rates, infant mortality rates, etc. ARC funds are not entitlements. They are investments in the future of the region and the nation, and they have paid off handsomely.

Nick J. Rahali II

Member of Congress


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