The Volvo: How Swede It Is

Your article "Racy cars? This can't be Volvo" (International Business, Nov. 13) about Volvo's plans tells me their top people must be "losing it."

I am on my fourth Volvo, the last two being turbocharged. In addition to the reasonable price and outstanding performance (better than all but the most expensive Mercedes and BMW or any U.S. family car), the turbos have many safety features and tasteful interiors.

If Volvo thinks the American fine-car public will go for a Mitsubishi/Volvo partnership made in the Netherlands, it's out of its mind. In an event like that, I would buy American, which I would do anyway if only we had a car that performs like a Volvo. Volvo should continue their cars, merely improving year to year like they have done in the past, and be content to just make a lot of money.

C. Richard Monlux

Savanna, Ga.

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