Table: Senior Priorities

Do you agree or disagree that the federal government should guarantee...
      A Social Security pension?
      AGREE STRONGLY                  75%
      AGREE SOMEWHAT                  16%
      DISAGREE SOMEWHAT               5%
      DISAGREE STRONGLY               3%
      NOT SURE/REFUSED                1%
      Some level of health care?
      AGREE STRONGLY                  59%
      AGREE SOMEWHAT                  23%
      DISAGREE SOMEWHAT               11%
      DISAGREE STRONGLY               6%
      NOT SURE/REFUSED                1%
      Nursing-home care?
      AGREE STRONGLY                  49%
      AGREE SOMEWHAT                  29%
      DISAGREE SOMEWHAT               14%
      DISAGREE STRONGLY               8%
      NOT SURE/REFUSED                0%
      342 respondents aged 50 and over included in a survey of 1,007 adults conducted 
      Nov. 2-6, 1995, for BUSINESS WEEK by Louis Harris & Associates Inc.
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