Switching Sides At Rjr

IS FREDERICK ZUCKERMAN RJR Nabisco's version of Jerry York? York, Chrysler's onetime chief financial officer, has become the well-paid front man for would-be Chrysler raider Kirk Kerkorian. Now Zuckerman, former treasurer of RJR Nabisco and a York protege both at Chrysler and IBM, has signed on with that company's tormentors, Bennett LeBow and Carl Icahn. Zuckerman gets $30,000 for signing on, and $120,000 a year in consulting fees. He is one of nine new directors--all committed to an immediate breakup of the company--proposed for RJR in a Nov. 20 Securities & Exchange Commission filing by LeBow. RJR filed suit the same day, alleging the LeBow group violated securities laws.

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