Don't Jump The Gun On The New Millennium

Your article "Glitch of the millennium" (News: Analysis & Commentary, Nov. 13) states: "The problem: When the new century begins, most computers will interpret 01-01-00 as Jan. 1, 1900, not Jan. 1, 2000."

The computer may err, but the human mind should not. The date Jan. 1, 2000 is not the first day of the new century but is the first day of the last year of this century. The first day of the new century is Jan. 1, 2001.

As the article states, computers do not know the calendar. Do we?

Robert Floyd

Torrington, Conn.

The seriousness of the Year 2000 computer virus merits a much more in-depth review. The fact that one-third of the total global spending for information systems over the foreseeable future will be dedicated to this problem means that companies will be diverted from other strategic initiatives while they stabilize their technology infrastructure.

William Cook

Marietta, Ga.

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