Table: Strategy 6: Forging Strategic Partnerships

COMPANY      COUNTRY      STRATEGY                        REVENUE
      CHAROEN      THAILAND     The giant conglomerate is       $7.6 BILLION
      POKPHAND                   gaining depth by linking up       up 26%
                                 with foreign players such as
                                 Nynex in the telecom market
                                 and Wal-Mart in retail.
      WYWY         SINGAPORE    Y.Y. Wong, founder of this      $900 MILLION
      GROUP                      privately held Singapore          up 43%
                                 distribution company, has
                                 had long working relations
                                 with Western and Japanese
                                 multinationals. Now, he's
                                 teaming up in telecom, enter-
                                 tainment, and restaurants.
      UMC          TAIWAN       The semiconductor manufacturer  $570 MILLION
                                 is expanding its reach by         up 53%
                                 linking up with major U.S.
                                 partners, including Cirrus Logic
                                 and Xilinx.
      LEGEND       CHINA        This emerging computer          $480 MILLION
                                 distributor and manufacturer      up 50%
                                 in China is a marriage of a
                                 Hong Kong software house and
                                 Beijing's Academy of Sciences.
      MITAC        TAIWAN       The island's second-largest     $570 MILLION
                                 PC maker manufactures for         up 50%
                                 Compaq, Apple, and AT&T. It
                                 is jointly developing desktop
                                 computers with Compaq.
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