Table: Strategy 3: Sticking With The Core Business

COMPANY    COUNTRY      STRATEGY                          REVENUE
      SUN        HONG KONG    This property company is doing    $2.56 BILLION
      HUNG KAI                 what it does best: real estate      up 12%
                               and infrastructure. Managed by
                               the three Kwok brothers, each
                               boasting Western degrees.
      BUKAKA     INDONESIA    Run by a team of skilled Indo-    $74.2 MILLION
                               nesian engineers, this infra-       up 10%
                               structure company is winning
                               major bids in Japan, Hong Kong,
                               and throughout the region.
      FORMOSA    TAIWAN       Although the company has entered  $9.1 BILLION
      PLASTICS                 the integrated-circuit industry,    up 35%
                               it keeps a sharp emphasis on
                               remaining the country's pacesetter
                               in petrochemicals.
      RENONG     MALAYSIA     This group of eight listed        $1.3 BILLION
      BERHAD                   companies is now selling off        up 19%
                               assets to focus on infrastructure.
                               Its leading executives want the
                               company to specialize rather than
                               be a hodgepodge of investments.
      INDOFOOD   INDONESIA    This Jakarta-based food company   $6.0 BILLION
                               made it big at home with its near   up 18.9%
                               monopoly in flour milling. Now,
                               it's exporting its noodles to
                               China, Chile, and Poland with the
                               goal of being a global player.
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