Table: Strategy 1: Professionalizing Management

A sampling of the best emerging Asian companies and their management strategies
      COMPANY    COUNTRY      STRATEGY                          REVENUE
      JOHNSON    HONG KONG    In the business of micromotors,   $250 MILLION
      ELECTRIC                 this family company is bringing     up 29%
                               in outside executives and
                               investing heavily in training.
      TAIWAN     TAIWAN       This highly successful foundry    $740 MILLION
      SEMICONDUCTOR            has an American as president.       up 57%
                               Under him are a handful of
                               Taiwanese with American MBAs.
      ASTRA      INDONESIA    The core business is assembling   $4 BILLION
      INTERNATIONAL            and distributing autos. It is       up 51%
                               run by a professional management
                               team that weathered a crisis
                               when the founding Soeryadjaya
                               family sold out in 1993.
      SIME       MALAYSIA     Southeast Asia's biggest          $3.1 BILLION
      DARBY                    conglomerate, with 200 companies    up 17%
                               and 32,000 employees, is changing
                               its sleepy image by wooing fresh
                               managerial talent.
      RAJA       INDONESIA   This group, which includes pulp    $1 BILLION
      GARUDA MAS              and paper plants, hires managers     NA
                              from around the world to help start
                              up or manage its businesses.
      NOTE: Sales are 1994 or most recent fiscal year, in U.S. dollars. NA=not 
      available. DATA: BUSINESS WEEK
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