Looking Up At Apple

SOME GOOD NEWS FOR APPLE Computer. First, market watchers ranked Apple as the nation's top seller of personal computers in the third quarter, with more than 13% of the market. Then, at the giant Comdex geekfest in Las Vegas on Nov. 13, the PowerPC consortium of IBM, Apple, and Motorola unveiled specifications for a new breed of computer that can run not just one operating system, but on Apple's Mac OS, IBM's OS/2, and Microsoft's NT. Consortium members pledged to bring out systems based on the new standard by late 1996. And IBM hinted it may adopt the Mac operating system as its best hope of combating Microsoft's Windows 95. "Windows dominates the consumer market," says IBM PowerPC Chief Anthony E. Santelli. "So why fight for Apple's 10% of the pie when we can work together to go after the other 90%?"

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