A To Z On Computer Buying

Congratulations on "Computers: Our first annual buying guide" (Cover Story, Nov. 6). You did a good job of communicating the technical information readers need to make buying decisions without giving them the sense that they're reading "Intro. to Particle Physics."

Timothy J. Rudd

Carrollton, Tex.

I just received the computer buying guide. Much to my surprise, Apple Computer Inc.'s Macintosh was not listed anywhere in your article except for a side note about Apple's Performa line. I am the proud owner of a Power Mac 8500 that I promise you has no match on the Intel side as far as power and ease of use right out of the box.

How can your article about laptops not even mention an Apple PowerBook? I ask that you research the Apple product line and discover why devout Macintosh users will never have a need for a product like Windows 95.

Mike Ritter

West Liberty, Ohio

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