Was Lenin Right About China?

Western capitalism is financing a future "yellow peril." Last year, the Communist government of the People's Republic of China (PRC) released figures in the South China Morning Post showing $100 billion received in direct foreign investment. The PRC needs Western investment and is eager for technology, but the PRC is a rogue government whose concept of "fair trade" is anything that benefits it--from legitimate trade to pirating. Your article "The new trade superpower" (International Business, Oct. 16) shows signs of awakening to this fact.

Trade with Communist China, however, is not the peril. Yes, they will steal our technology, undersell us with cheap labor, and even nationalize Western investments without compensation when it suits them. But it is their military buildup that is the danger, and we are helping them do that. Chinese Communists still believe that "diplomacy flows out of the barrel of a gun."

Lenin was right: We will sell them the rope to hang us.

Timothy Michell

Lafayette, Ore.

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