The De Entitling Of America

Is America ready to shake its entitlement addiction? Maybe, maybe not. Newt Gingrich is betting "yes," and he is quietly preparing a 12-step program to wean the country off the government dole. This year, it's welfare moms, the working poor, and the elderly--mostly Democratic constituencies. But the GOP agenda goes way beyond what most Americans imagine. The next step calls for ending corporate welfare and going after conservative Republican supporters--companies, exporters, farmers, ranchers, small-business owners. After that, the target is the entire middle class. Newt would like you to become more self-reliant and say goodbye to subsidized college loans, mortgage deductions, and even Social Security. Whether it's tax dollars or tax breaks, the Newtonian agenda is clear: "De-entitle" the entitlement state and rewrite the social contract between citizens and the federal government.

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