Table: An Mba With A Master's On The Side

       -- DESCRIPTION                                     TUITION
      COLUMBIA U.         Master of Science,      2.5     $43,519
      NEW YORK            Journalism
       -- Requires 45 business credits and 30 in journalism
      DUKE U.             Master of Forestry      3       58,600
      DURHAM, N.C.        or Environmental
       -- Students spend one year in each school, combine disciplines in third year
      EMORY U.            Master of Divinity,     4       39,305
      ATLANTA             Theology
       -- School waives 13 hours of MBA requirements
      HARVARD U.          Juris Doctor            4       85,960
      CAMBRIDGE, MASS.    (law degree)
       -- Students take one year apiece in each discipline, then combine them
      UCLA                Master of Art,          3       17,500
      LOS ANGELES         Urban Planning
       -- Up to 24 of the 36 required courses can be taken in the
          Anderson School of Management
      U. OF CHICAGO       Master of Science,      2.5     51,600
      CHICAGO             Physical Sciences
       -- After taking 14 courses in the business school, students focus
          on physical sciences
      U. OF IOWA          Master of Art,          3       29,766*
      IOWA CITY           Library and
                          Information Science
       -- Focus is on the financial issues that affect library management
      U. OF MICHIGAN      Master of Science,      2       41,300*
      ANN ARBOR           Engineering, or
                          Master of Engineering,
       -- Requires summer internship with domestic or foreign
          manufacturing companies
      U. OF PENNSYLVANIA  Medical Doctor          5       123,000
       -- Helps physicians participate in health-care management
      U. OF VIRGINIA      Master of Art,          3       54,831*
      CHARLOTTESVILLE     Government
       -- For students interested in global business and foreign affairs
      * Out-of-state tuition; state residents pay one-third to one-half

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