Free Stuff

-- The Women's Business Development Center and the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago have prepared a 41-page brochure, Access to Credit: Women, Lenders and Small Business Loans, A Guide. Call the bank at 312 322-5111 for a copy.

-- T. Rowe Price is offering two new retirement-plan information kits: one on Keogh plans, which need to be set up by Dec. 31 for 1995 deductions, and another on Simplified Employee Pension (SEP) plans (you have until Apr. 15). Call 800 492-7670 to order.

-- The National Cooperative Bank is offering a six-page pamphlet, How to Organize a Cooperative, for those interested in a purchasing, marketing, service, or employee-owned co-op. Call 800 955-9NCB to request a copy.

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