Eco Software That Could Sprout Saplings

EXPERIENCE CAN BE A GREAT teacher. But how can you put practical experience in an educational CD-ROM package? One software maker thinks it has the answer.

For its Ozzie's World Deluxe CD-ROM, Tulsa-based Digital Impact Inc. has taken a page from the marketing handbook of socially conscious companies. The $40 program, which centers on the environmental adventures ef Ozzie S. Otter and his animal friends, comes with seeds and a flattened cardboard planter to grow thornless honey locust saplings. The seeds are provided by a not-for-profit organization called Trees for Life. Officials with Digital Impact say that the extracurricular activity could help children learn the importance of being responsible--and of being good caretakers of the planet.

Meanwhile, the Trees for Life organization says its involvement with the software helps to get the news out about its mission: to plant over 2 million fruit trees in less developed nations by 2000.

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