Are These 10 Stretched Too Thin?

Is it just coincidence? Lilyan H. Affinito sits unobtrusively on the boards of some of the biggest companies in the U.S. and is paid nearly $300,000 a year for her trouble. But quite frequently, the companies she serves come down with a bad case of financial malaise. Kmart Corp. atrophied for years before ousting CEO Joseph E. Antonini in March--years after worried shareholders first got on the company's case. Tambrands Inc. bounced CEO Martin F.C. Emmett in 1993 after the market share of the company's only product, Tampax, plunged--as the board voted itself a pay raise. Affinito, a retired executive of a sewing-pattern company, also sits on the boards of Caterpillar, Jostens, Lillian Vernon, and Chrysler.

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