The Rugrats' Other Parent

Your article "The Rugrats' real mom and dad" (People, Oct. 16) on Arlene Klasky and Gabor Csupo is inaccurate in omitting my role in the creation and production of the series Rugrats, Klasky Csupo Inc.'s biggest success. The article is correct in stating that the main character in the series is named after my son. I created the character Tommy, as I did most of the other characters in the series.

I also created the original idea for the series, along with Gabor and Arlene. I came up with the name Rugrats. I personally pitched the idea to Nickelodeon in 1989, wrote, produced, and voice-directed the pilot which sold the series, and was creative producer, voice director, and head story editor of every episode from beginning to end.

I have also received three Emmys for Rugrats, one in each category for which the series won.

Paul Germain

Los Angeles