Table: Software Galore

A sampling of some of this year's big titles
                 PRODUCT/DESCRIPTION                  COMPANY        PRICE
      GAMES      SpyCraft, An espionage thriller      Activision     $59.95
                 Phantasmagoria, A horror adventure   Sierra On-line
      REFERENCE  Compton's Interactive Encyclopedia,  Compton's       $99
                 A multimedia encyclopedia
                 3-D Kitchen, Design your             Books That Work $50
                  dream kitchen
                 Bookshelf, Multimedia                Microsoft       $50
                  reference library
      ONLINE     Navigator, The leading Web browser   Netscape        $39.95
                 WebAuthor, Creates Web documents     Quarterdeck     $150
      UTILITIES  Norton Utilities for Windows 95,     Symantec        $129
                  A suite of essential housekeeping programs
      COFFEE     Passage To Vietnam, A photographic   Against All     $39.95
       TABLE CDs  journey to Vietnam                   Odds/Interval
                 A Passion for Art, A tour of the     Corbis          $50
                  Barnes Foundation paintings          Publishing

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