Table: A Sampling Of Online Banking Services

The following financial institutions provide electronic access to customer 
      accounts through one or more of the following: 1) Quicken; 2) Microsoft Money; 
      3) Managing Your Money; 4) A proprietary dial-up connection; 5) Prodigy; or 6) 
      the World Wide Web. 
                                          1   2   3   4   5   6
      American Express                    x                     
      Bank One                                            x     
      Bank of America        x             
      Bank of Boston                      x   x                 
      Barnett Bank                                        x     
      Boatman's National Bank                             x     
      Centura Bank                        x   x                 
      Chase Manhattan Bank                x   x                 
      Chevy Chase Savings Bank                            x     
      Chemical Bank                       x   x           x     
      Citicorp                                        x         
      Comerica                                            x     
      Compass Bank                        x   x                 
      CoreStates Bank                     x   x           x     
      Crestar                                 x                 
      First National Bank of Chicago      x   x                 
      First Interstate Bank of L.A.       x   x                 
      First Interstate Bank of Denver                     x     
      First Union                                             x 
      Hamilton Bank                                       x     
      Home Savings of America             x   x                 
      M&T Bank                            x   x                 
      Mark Twain Bank                    x 
      Marquette Banks                     x   x                 
      Meridian Bancorp Delaware Trust                     x     
      Michigan National Bank              x   x                 
      Midlantic                                           x     
      NationsBank            x         
      NBD-Chicago                                         x     
      NBD-Detroit                                         x     
      PNC Corp.                                           x     
      Sanwa Bank California               x   x                 
      Security First Network Bank, KY                  x 
      Smith Barney                        x   x                 
      SunTrust Banks                      x                     
      Texas Commerce Bank                 x   x                 
      Union Bank                          x   x                 
      U.S. Bank                           x   x                 
      Wells Fargo                         x   x           x     
      Wilmington Trust                                    x     
      Data: BW

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