Table: Tinseltown Noel

STUDIO                                                     MARKET SHARE*
      DISNEY Toy Story, a $30 million comedy, debuts on
      Nov. 22. Will America's kids warm to Don Rickles as
      Mr. Potato Head?                                               17.6%
      WARNER BROTHERS Ace Ventura 2: When Nature
      Calls is due Nov. 10. This $55 million comedy
      stars the bankable Jim Carrey.                                 15.5%
      UNIVERSAL Casino, a $58 million Martin Scorsese
      gangster flick with Robert DeNiro and Sharon Stone is
      set for Nov. 22. It's no Godfather, but should sell.           14.2%
      SONY Jumanji, a $70 million movie starring Robin Williams
      trying to escape from a board game. Sound confusing?
      So's the plot. Due Dec. 15.                                    12.3%
      PARAMOUNT Sabrina features Harrison Ford and
      Julia Ormond in a $36 million remake of Billy
      Wilder's 1954 romantic classic. Quality flick, but
      prospects are modest. Due Dec. 15.                             11.3%
      FOX Waiting to Exhale, a $32 million black women's
      buddy film, is due Nov. 22. With this as its only
      release for the season, it won't be a Merry Christmas
      for Rupert Murdoch's crew.                                     9.2%
      * Share of box office receipts through Sept. 28

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