Table: What To Ask About Insurer Repair Networks

DISCOUNTS       Does the insurer offer a premium break or a lower
                      deductible on collision coverage if you agree to use
                      only the recommended shops?
      AVAILABILITY    How many participating shops can you choose from near
                      your home or job? And how many states besides your
                      own have repair shops in the network, if you have an
                      accident while traveling?
      DEPENDABILITY   Do the shops provide a written warranty for any work
                      done, and how long will the insurer stand behind it?
      STANDARDS       What are the criteria for shop participation? Is the
                      shop required to meet certain standards of equipment,
                      training, and facilities?
      QUALITY         How often does the insurer reinspect the shops to
                      ensure quality repairs?
      REPUTATION      Is the shop you intend to use the subject of any
                      complaints filed with your state insurance department
                      or local Better Business Bureau?
      EXTRAS          Do network shops offer a free rental car, or do you
                      need extra rental coverage?

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